The New Regular-Sized HomePod Was Released Today

The New Regular-Sized HomePod Was Released Today



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Apple's second-generation HomePod is available for purchase online and pickup from Apple Stores. Pre-orders arrive today.

You can order a ‌HomePod‌ through the Apple website store or Apple Store app by. You could also purchase the new HomePod from select retail outlets and resellers.


The new ‌HomePod‌ comes in two colors, Midnight and White, and has a range of features:

  • Five tweeters

  • Four far-field microphones

  • Temperature and humidity sensors

  • S7 chip

  • Thread support

  • Wi-Fi 802.11n

It can be set up with a stereo pair of two HomePods, though it cannot be stereo paired with the first-generation model. Furthermore, the new ‌HomePod‌ can control HomeKit-enabled devices using Siri voice commands and can play music, podcasts, and audiobooks.


The new ‌HomePod‌ is priced at $299 and is available today.