New AirPods Firmware (5B59)

New AirPods Firmware (5B59)

Not a lot of changes...


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Apple recently released new firmware updates for AirPods to ensure everything continues to work smoothly as you enjoy your AirPods. Today, they released AirPods Firmware version 5B59. Here are some changes we found in this update:

  • Significantly improved noise cancelation on AirPods Max

  • Fixed an issue that caused the battery of your AirPods to not show on your iPhone

Another thing to note is that Apple did not release a new firmware version for AirPods Pro (Second Generation)

How to Update

There is no simple way to update the firmware of your AirPods. Apple says to plug in your iPhone and AirPods, set them next to each other, and wait 30 minutes. You can also plug your AirPods into a Mac and the update will complete faster.