“Batterygate” Lawsuit Lost in South Korea Despite a Win in the U.S

“Batterygate” Lawsuit Lost in South Korea Despite a Win in the U.S



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The U.S. "batterygate" lawsuit Resulted in Apple agreeing to pay up to $500M to settle the case. However, an equivalent lawsuit in South Korea was dismissed - for what the plaintiff's lawyers claim as unfair reasons. despite


The batteries of older iPhones diminish in performance the more charge cycles it has been through. This impacts the time the phone can remain powered and its ability to handle high-performance tasks. Apple decided to tackle this by monitoring battery health and throttling the performance of a phone when it was at risk of a sudden shutdown. This sparked controversy as Apple had not informed users they were doing this, leading to people believing they had to buy a new phone rather than just a new battery.


Apple had to apologize publicly, offer discounted battery replacements, and allow users to choose whether or not to enable the feature, as well as pay compensation to affected iPhone owners - each receiving $25.

South Korea Dismissal

However, a similar class action lawsuit in South Korea was thrown out by a judge, according to The Korea Herald. The ruling was based on legal requirements in South Korea, which the lawyers say are unfair as it would be impossible to expect 9,800 iPhone owners to attend the case.