Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Headset May Allow You to Generate Your Own A.R. Applications

Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Headset May Allow You to Generate Your Own A.R. Applications


Jan 27, 2023·

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Apple is reportedly designing new software tools that will enable both developers and users to create augmented reality applications for their anticipated AR/VR headset, as reported by The Information's Wayne Ma. Interestingly, the report claims that customers would be able to create and share AR apps for the headset through Siri, even if they lack coding skills.

Software Tools

According to the report, the software tools would enable users to construct AR apps with virtual objects moving in a room and around physical objects without having to design the object from scratch, program its movements, or calculate its path in a 3D space with obstacles. This is said to be comparable to Minecraft and Roblox, which allow users to easily fabricate 3D tools and worlds with relative ease and with minimal coding experience. Additionally, it is said that the software has been updated using technology from Fabric Software, which was acquired by Apple in 2017. This updated software has the potential to revolutionize the way users create and interact with augmented reality applications and experiences.

Unveiling at WWDC

Moreover, the software is expected to be unveiled at the Apple developers conference WWDC in June, giving developers enough time to create AR and VR apps for the headset before its launch. This will allow developers to devise innovative and creative applications for the headset, which could be experienced by users when the headset is released.

AR Content

Furthermore, the report states that Apple is also exploring AR content for the headset, like AR apps that could help with exercise and meditation, with one demo showing a Zen garden. These apps have the potential to offer immersive and interactive experiences to users and could be incredibly useful in helping users relax and unwind.


Finally, the headset is expected to have an iOS-like interface with a grid of apps, advanced eye and hand tracking, and the capability of serving as an external display for a Mac. All of these features suggest that the headset has the potential to be an incredible device, offering users a variety of immersive experiences.