Apple Is Preparing for a Rerelease of Home Architecture Upgrade

Apple Is Preparing for a Rerelease of Home Architecture Upgrade

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It appears that Apple is close to reintroducing the new Home architecture, as backend code indicates that Apple is testing a "version 2" internally. Aside from stating that the architecture would be available "soon," Apple has not specified a timeline. We anticipate an iOS 16.4 beta to follow the iOS 16.3 launch, and it is probable that the architecture update will be included in that beta. It is uncertain when the beta is coming, but it could be this week.

At the time of the launch of the second-generation HomePod, Apple pointed out that the Sound Recognition feature due to arrive with a Spring update in 2021 would require the revised Home architecture, but we could see the architecture update before Sound Recognition is released. Apple has stated that the update will greatly increase the dependability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices, and it has been working on this since the announcement of iOS 16 at WWDC in June 2021.

The first launch of the new Home architecture caused some ‌HomeKit‌ devices to disappear from ‌HomeKit‌ setups or to remain stuck with a "configuring/updating" status. It also caused invitations to share the Home with others to not work, and it disrupted ‌HomeKit‌ Secure video recording for some. It is expected that the update to the architecture will address these issues and more, due to the improved communication between devices, and should provide a better user experience.